We have currently enlisted over 160 climate scientists. They are chosen on the basis of their professional competence as reflected in original research in peer-reviewed professional scientific journals. Nearly all of them are members of University faculties or Government laboratories (e.g. NASA, NOAA) involving some aspect of climate science, both in the US and abroad.

The role of this endeavor is to provide highly accurate science information to media and government representatives. We believe that scientists have an important role in communicating the science directly with the general public. We encourage questions from recognized media sources and from governments. We will work hard to ensure that all questions are answered as promptly as possible.

The Process

To use this service, please fill out the inquiry form on the right to identify yourself and pose your question, along with a deadline for response if applicable.

That information will immediately be sent to four people: Dr. John Abraham, Prof. Scott Mandia, Professor Michael Ashley and Dr. Jan Dash. These four “matchmakers” will immediately forward the inquiry to those scientists with the most appropriate expertise. An authoritative response from one of the Climate Science Rapid Response Team scientists will be returned to the inquirer either directly or via one of the four matchmakers.

Climate Science Rapid Response Team Process (Climate Science Rapid Response Team)